What to do if you can’t recall your Yahoo ID & password-

We enable you to access all the features of your yahoo account so that you can do all the important stuff. The remedies described here help you to regain access to your yahoo account. Login with yahoo account key as it will provide more security & most importantly, it doesn’t require you to remember password.

To re-access your yahoo ID & password, just follow these simple steps-

  • Log in to yahoo sign-in helper
  • Enter either your registered mobile number or your registered E-mail address to get your password
  • If you can recall your yahoo ID but can’t recall your password, then we recommend you to build a new strong password when you login back to your E-mail account.
  • If your browser has “remember your password” settings, you can look for your password in your browser’s “Autofill settings”

What to do If you face with “invalid ID or Password” issue.

It occurs when you do not enter a correct combination of your user ID & Password. In this case, just do the following-

  1. Make sure that your “Caps Lock” & “Num Lock” are turned off
  2. Check the “Autofill” settings of your browser
  3. Consider using other browsers
  4. Check if someone hasn’t changed your password