The security of your yahoo mail account is of utmost priority for yahoo. Yahoo provides many features to enhance the security of your yahoo mail account that make impossible to breach into your yahoo mail account.

How can I know whether my account is hacked or not?

  1. If you stop receiving e-mails in your inbox
  2. Your contacts are being sent spam by your yahoo mail
  3. Your login activity page displays yahoo account logins from alien locations many times
  4. Your e-mail account settings get changed without your prior knowledge

“How can I review my yahoo mail settings?”- your queries resolved

Many a time unauthorized intruders log into your yahoo mail account & alter the settings of your inbox. It also exposes you to the threat of your e-mails being leaked or copied by the intruders thus posing a big threat to your personal identity. Review the given areas to make sure that your account is secure-

  1. Check your e-mail filters
  2. Go through the “Sender’s name”
  3. Verify the “E-mail signature”
  4. Check the “Reply to” field
  5. Check the “Vacation response”
  6. Review your “Blocked contacts”
  7. Check your list of “Auto forwarding” contacts

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