This is an exclusive feature provided by yahoo to let its customers create an extra e-mail account within the original e-mail account. It lets the customers create their desired e-mail account without having to worry about their important e-mails in the older account.

We recommend the following simple steps to create additional yahoo mail account-

To create an additional yahoo e-mail account-

Step 1- Login to the current yahoo mail account of yours

Step 2- Then, click on yahoo settings

Step 3- Then, Go to “Accounts”

Step 4- On the right side of the page, a list of existing user accounts will be shown

Step 5- Click on “Primary Account” option

Step 6- Now, you need to move downwards to the “E-mail signature” box.

Step 7- Under the “E-mail signature” box, “Create an e-mail address” will be shown.

Step 8- Click on “Create an e-mail address” option

Step 9- Now, you will be redirected to a webpage on which you can create your desired e-mail address

Step 10- Now choose your desired e-mail address

Step 11- Yahoo will confirm you is your desired e-mail address is available

Step 12- Once you create your e-mail address, you will be redirected to your inbox page

Step 13- Now, Yahoo will send you a confirmation e-mail on your new e-mail address