1. Go to the “App Store” from your mobile
  2. Click on “Search” option
  3. Type “Yahoo” in the search area
  4. Type the version of the yahoo app you want to download
  5. Install the app by clicking on “Install” option
  6. Now, Click on “OK” button to download the yahoo app  

How to uninstall the yahoo app on iOS?

  1. Click on the yahoo app which you want to be uninstalled
  2. Keep it clicked until all the app menu icons start trembling
  3. Click on “X” button which is present on the app’s corner
  4. Click on “Delete” button
  5. Click on the “Home” button of your mobile as it locks your app screen again

I don’t know how to sign in to yahoo mail account on my mobile browser

  1. How to sign out to your yahoo mail account app from ios?
  2. Log on to https://m.yahoo.com
  3. Click on the “Profile” option
  4. Click on “Sign Out” to log out of your account
  5. How to sign in to your yahoo mail account app from ios?
  6. Log on to https://m.yahoo.com
  7. Click on the “Profile” option
  8. Click on “Sign in” button
  9. Type your “yahoo mail ID”
  10. Click “Next”
  11. Type your yahoo mail password
  12. Click on “Sign in”