Yahoo account key is a unique facility provided by yahoo to its esteemed users to access their yahoo mail account without having to worry about remembering username & password credentials.

To set up a yahoo mail account key on your web browser, download and install it on your mobile.

Please note that while creating your yahoo account key, you must be signed in to your yahoo account.

Now just follow these lucid steps-

Step 1- Log in to your yahoo account security page

Step 2- Go through the “Know How It Works” option

Step 3- Choose your apps & the devices

Step 4- Now you will be sent notifications on your selected devices

Step 5- Select “Send me a notification”

Step 6- Now a notification will be sent to the app which you had selected

Step 7- Click on “Approve” icon on your mobile

Step 8- Now, go to your web browser

Step 9- Click on “Always use yahoo account key” option

Step 10- Now you will be asked to confirm your phone number

Step 11- Now you are required to confirm your phone number which will be used to recover your lost yahoo account key

Kindly visit https://contactyahoo.com/contact-yahoo-support/ for yahoo customer care support