Many times it happens that your antivirus software, anti-spyware & firewall software cause impediments for yahoo products as they run some scripts which block certain programs. In this case we recommend you to temporarily disable these softwares by adopting the given methods.

Step 1- Go to the Help page of your antivirus or anti-spyware software program

Step 2- Disable your “Windows Defender” for some time

Step 3- Go to “Settings”

Step 4- Go to “Start Menu”

Step 5- Click on “Updates & Security”

Step 6- Click on “Windows Security” option

Step 7- Select “Open Windows Defender Security System”

Step 8- Now, you must open the “Windows Defender’s Settings”

Step 9- Then, go to “Virus & Threat Security” settings

Step 10- Pick the “Real Time Protection Settings”, then go to “Cloud Delivered Protection Settings”

Step 11- Then, go to “Automatic Sample Submission Settings”

Step 12- Now, temporarily Turn Off your Windows Defender

Step 13- Go to Computer Administrative panel

Step 14- Select your Administrative Template from the given options

Step 15- Go to “Windows Components”

Step 16- Open “Windows Defender Antivirus Software”

Step 17- Now, turn off your windows defender by double clicking on it