To make sure that your yahoo mail works, your server settings must be correct which support yahoo mail settings. Before proceeding further, you must know a little about the following protocols-

  1. POP 3 or Post Office Protocol
  2. SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  3. IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol
  • POP 3: It acts just like a post office of your area. It is responsible for storing your E-mails.
  • SMTP: It is responsible for collecting your E-mails from one point & distributes them to the destination path. It provides correct route to the E-mails, so that they reach to the correct destination.
  • IMAP: It is similar to the POP 3 protocol with the difference that it can store the E-mails on Server. It carries a disadvantage that, it occupies a lot more space as compared to the POP 3 protocol.

Out of the above three protocols, Yahoo doesn’t support IMAP protocol.

Go to “set up your e-mail” account settings. If a message pops up on your screen as “Leave a copy of your E-mail on the server”, click “okay” in this case.

You may encounter with the term “E-mail size limit”. This is nothing but the maximum size of an E-mail which you can send.

Other than that, the term “Sent to limits” refers to the address of the receiver (To), BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) & CC (Carbon Copy)