In the event that when you try to sign, you encounter with an “Invalid ID or Invalid Password” message, it implies that the combination of user ID & password which you have entered is not appropriate. You’ve entered either the wrong username or the wrong password or both of them are wrong.

In case you’re certain that you’re entering the right sign-in data, there are a couple of situations regarding why this is going on.

On the off chance that your password key contains numbers or letters, ensure that your caps lock or number lock keys are turned off as prescribed.

Case sensitive passwords are more prone to errors as they can be wrongly entered due to high sensitivity of key strokes.

Examine the auto fill settings of your web browser whether it enters your password automatically or not. It is advisable to turn off the browser’s auto fill settings.

If, you’ve recently changed your password, you’ll have to enter your new password on your own to abrogate your internet browser’s auto fill settings.

In case you’re certain that the data you have entered is correct, this could mean that someone else got access to your account & changed your details like your account password.

Change your password promptly with the help of yahoo’s password change helper web page. When you regain access to your E-mail account, examine the means to tie down a hacked record to fix any progressions made without your insight.

How To Reset Yahoo Account Password Without Changing The Alternate E-mail or Phone Number –

Head over to sign in web page of yahoo https://login.yahoo.com .Utilize the https://login.yahoo.com to re access your e-mail account, in the event that despite everything you can’t get to your e-mail account, read: What to do if your account recovery information is wrong.

Your Account Recovery Information is wrong-

Yahoo considers protection and security of your e-mail account to the top of its priorities, what’s more, we’ll possibly give you a chance to recover your e-mail account on the off chance that you can demonstrate you’re the legitimate owner of that e-mail account.

When you register for an e-mail account, it’s dependent upon you to give the most genuine & trustworthy re access information.

Your best alternative to abstain from losing access is to refresh your re access data in the event that you get another telephone number or change your other email address.

In the event that the Password Helper says my secret phrase can’t be reset on the web –

In the event that you’ve had a go at utilizing the Password Helper and couldn’t gain admittance to your e-mail account, other recuperation alternatives may not be accessible. In these uncommon cases, we at yahoo prescribe you to make another Yahoo mail account.