Many a time it happens that due to some technical glitches from your side, you end up with not receiving yahoo e-mails. Don’t worry as long as our helping hand is there with you to take you through this issue.

We recommend you the following steps-

Step 1- Sign in to your yahoo mail account

Step 2- Compose an e-mail and send it to your e-mail account

Step 3- If an error message is displayed on your computer’s screen, then report that to yahoo to fix this error

Step 4- If you don’t encounter with any error message, it implies that your account is working smoothly

Step 5- Got to your “Account Settings Page”

Step 6- Check the given spots to locate the error (if any)-

  1. Spam Folder- Sometimes your important e-mails go to spam folders if you accidentally mark a sender as spam
  2. Blocked Address folder- Remove your important e-mail senders from the blocked address list. You may have unintentionally blocked your e-mail senders.
  3. E-mail filter settings- Review your e-mail filter settings which might be sending your e-mails to other unknown folders instead of sending them to your inbox
  4. “Reply” address bar settings- Your reply address bar must be empty