Yahoo has updated its yahoo mail theme to which many people are not accustomed to. If you are familiar with standard theme of yahoo then it may be unlikely that you start working on the new theme with comfort. If you want to switch back to the old standard theme, we provide our helping hand to get you back there.

Just follow these simple steps to proceed-

Step 1- Click on the “Wheel” option given at the upper right corner of your yahoo screen

Step 2- Click on “Settings”

Step 3- In the settings menu, you will be shown a “Viewing e-mail” option

Step 4- Click on “Viewing E-mail” option

Step 5- Now, Click on “Basic” option

Step 6- Without logging out of the “Settings” options, turn on the “HTTPS” settings to enhance your security.

Step 6- The HTTPS settings are necessary to be turned on when you surf for news, blogs over yahoo as some of them may contain malicious data.

Step 7- Now, click on “Save” button

Now your yahoo mail settings will be switched to the old standard view you are familiar with.

If you want to work on the “Full-featured version” of yahoo mail, just click on “Switch To the newest yahoo mail!!”