The Uh-Oh error message occurs when you receive over the daily limit messages. If you encounter this issue, kindly log in to your yahoo app account after 24 hours.

How can I set up a new phone on which I can receive Account Key?

Steps to register your new mobile number-

  1. Download the yahoo mobile app
  2. Install the downloaded app
  3. Go to the sign in page of the app
  4. Enter your username
  5. Click on “Continue” to move ahead
  6. Now yahoo will send you a notification on your previously registered mobile number
  7. Enter that verification code in your new phone to proceed to the sign up process
  8. Confirm the verification code
  9. Click “Sign in” option

“I have issues in accessing my old phone”. What should I do?

From a personal computer, log in to your yahoo account key page. Use it to send an account key to your alternate e-mail ID.