Many a time it happens that the yahoo verification code (which yahoo sends to you for protection of your yahoo mail account) isn’t delivered to you on your mobile or e-mail. It may be a cause of concern for many users but you need not worry about anything when we are with you.

Just try the following simple remedies to overcome this issue-

Step 1- Try receiving the verification code by clicking “Resend Verification Code”

Step 2- Enter a valid mobile number to receive the code

Step 3- Make sure that you enter your correct E-mail ID (in case you want to receive the code through E-mail)

Step 4- Verify if your data plan has not reached its maximum limit

Step 5- Verify if your alternate E-mail address is in activated mode

Step 6- Go to the settings of your ISP to make sure that yahoo is not banned by it

Step 7- Check the spam box of your e-mail account to make sure that the verification code E-mail has not been placed there

Some more issues regarding Verification Code-

  1. The Verification Code has expired- In this case, you must apply for a new code
  2. The verification code is not received because the you have forgotten the login credentials- In this case, you are advised to create a new account