Due to some mischivious activities of internet hackers, many yahoo mail accounts got hacked in 2013 which is one of the biggest security breaches in internet history to date. The attack occurred once again in 2014, it made many yahoo customers worried about their account security as security breaches like this were quite uncommon.

 People tend to migrate their accounts from yahoo to other e-mail service providers. As a helping hand, we demonstrate the steps required to permanently delete your yahoo account-

Step 1- Go to “Yahoo Account Delete” web page

Step 2- Sign in into yahoo.com using your username & password

Step 3- Provide your “Account Verification Code”,if asked

 Step 4- When you sign in, you will be redirected to account deletion page

Step 5- Verify that you the yahoo ID which is being displayed has the correct credentials, enter your password

Step 6- Now, you will need to enter the visual code that will be displayed as scrambled letters

Step 7- If you are unable to recognize any letter in the code, you can request for a new code

Step 8- Click on “Terminate The Account” to complete the procedure.

Now you are done with all the steps.