Life As a Roofer


Life As a Roofer

It’s the job of the roofer to erect, repair and construct roofs. Roofers can design, install and repair roofs.

Roofers use many different tools, materials and methods to build and repair roofs. As well as the tools and materials mentioned above they may also use metal cutting machines, stilts, scaffolding and hydraulic and pneumatic devices. Materials that are used to make a roof include asphalt shingles, metal sheets, roof tiles, wood, wire, glass, cement, polystyrene and plastic sheeting. Roofers may be using nails, cleats, screws, concrete slabs and piping. They may also use building foam for cushioning and sealing the roof.

Roofers’ work is often hazardous, but it’s also very rewarding and satisfying work. Roofers may need to climb ladders, assemble structures, work on power lines and install roofs. Roofers must have good sight and work as close to the structure as possible to protect themselves from falling debris.

Roofers are usually young men or women in their teens and twenties. They often get their start in roofing when they attend training programs before starting their careers.

Aspiring roofers typically study at a community college or at a vocational school before starting high school. Training programs offer a wide range of career options, including residential roof construction, commercial roofing, structural roofing, home construction, construction management, landscape design and building inspections.

Residential roofers are responsible for building, repairing and replacing roofs. They work with their supervisor or contractor and others on the job to complete jobs. Contractors are hired to build, repair and replace roofs.

Commercial roofers are responsible for building, repairing and replacing roofs at businesses such as hospitals, restaurants, retail stores, warehouses, schools, churches and other places of worship. The type of roof you have will largely determine the level of responsibility you’ll have. You’ll also need to understand the requirements of the state you live in.

In order to get a job, some degree of experience is required but there is no minimum experience requirement and there is no requirement for a certain skill level. If you are good with tools and with your hands, you can learn to be a roofer. Getting your first job as a roofer will give you an idea of what life is like and the benefits you’ll enjoy as a roofer.