After many unsuccessful attempts to login, your account gets temporarily locked which automatically gets unlocked after 12 hours. But, if you want immediate login, you can use the password helper tool of yahoo.. 

Facing Issues In Utilizing Yahoo’s Account Key?

Yahoo Account Key makes your life better as it aims neglecting the use of your e-mail account password. Instead, it uses an authentication method based on mobile app. For that purpose, you are advised to use yahoo password helper.

Don’t know how to use Yahoo’s Password Helper?

Yahoo considers protection and security of your e-mail account to the top of its priorities, what’s more, we’ll possibly give you a chance to recover your e-mail account on the off chance that you can demonstrate you’re the legitimate owner of that e-mail account.

At the time when your password helper pops up with a comment that “the password can’t be reset”, in this condition that you’ve had a go at utilizing the Password Helper and couldn’t gain admittance to your e-mail account, other re access alternatives may not be accessible. In these unfamiliar cases, we at yahoo prescribe you to make another Yahoo mail account.