Out of the many common issues which occur with yahoo, the most common one is that your iPhone does not support its proper functioning. There are two easy ways, which are discussed below in detail to counter this issue. The first method is called “Basic Solutions”. The second method is called “Alternative Solutions”.

  1. Basic Solutions to resolve iPhone related issues-
  2. Sign in to your yahoo account & then Sign out

Step 1- Login to your yahoo mail account using your login credentials.

Step 2-  Logout of your yahoo account

  • Remove yahoo mail from your iPhone & then reinstall it-

Step 1- Go to “Settings”

Step 2- Go to “Account Settings & Passwords” option

Step 3- Select your account

Step 4- Then, go to “Delete Your Account”

Step 5- Go to “Settings”

Step 6- Now, go to “Accounts & Passwords”

Step 7- Click on “Add Account”

Step 8- Select “Yahoo”

Step 9- Login to your yahoo mail account again using your login credentials.

  • Turn on your “Mobile Data”

Step 1- Open your “Settings”

Step 2- Turn on your “Cell Data”

Step 3- Turn on your “yahoo mail app”

  • Download the latest version of MAC OS
  • Update your SMTP server to verify the issue has been solved

Step 1- Go to your “Account Settings”

Step 2- Go to “Accounts & Passwords”

Step 3- Go to the host name “smtp.mail.yahoo.com”

Step 4- Type your username

Step 5- Type your password

Step 6- Change the port number from 465 to 587

Step 7- Change your SSL to “Yes”