Outbox is a space that contains your unsent e-mails. If any error occurs while sending your e-mail, it will be stored in the outbox. To remove that unsent e-mail, you can either delete it or just follow the given steps-

How to delete e-mails from the outbox?

Your outbox will be visible only when there is an unsent e-mail stored in it.  

To access your outbox-

  • Click on the Menu Icon
  • Click on Outbox option
  • Click “E-mail” to access your outbox
  • Click the “Delete” button

Eliminate e-mail sending issues right from the depth

  1. Attachment limit exceeded
  2. Yahoo offers a maximum size of 25 MB which you can use for sending files with each e-mail.
  3. Try sending files or images which are within the allowed limit
  4. To get through this, you must delete that e-mail
  5. Write another e-mail which has fewer attached files
  • Your yahoo mail has problems while connecting to the internet
  • This issue occurs when you have a very weak internet connection.
  • Or, this may also happen when some apps are running which block internet signals.
  • There is some issue with the app settings
  • Sometimes, your app may get corrupted due to some reasons. To tackle this issue, you need to uninstall & then, reinstall the app to get it working properly.