If you don’t login to your yahoo account or yahoo detects some malicious activities from your account, it asks you to prove your identity when you log into your account. Yahoo will ask you to go through a two step verification process after you have entered your login credentials. It guards your yahoo mail account from unauthorized access of users & protects your private mails.

Yahoo asks you to get the verification code either on your registered mobile number or your registered alternate e-mail account or on your yahoo mail app. Your registered mobile number & your registered alternate e-mail ID must be valid & presently in activated mode.

The reasons why yahoo grills you through this rigorous process are as follows-

  1. Whenever yahoo encounters malicious activities from your user account
  2. You login from an unknown web browser
  3. You login from an unknown device with unfamiliar IP address
  4.  You login from a distant venue
  5. When you login to your account from a VPN
  6. When you login to your account from a proxy server
  7. You log into your yahoo account using incognito mode in your web browser
  8. You cross the login attempt limit
  9. When you accidentally or deliberately delete the cookies